COVID-19 (Corona) mitigation of contamination and guidelines.

mcare is closely monitoring the development of the corona outbreak, primarily through the Public Health Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and WHO and/or other applicable sources or government authorities dependent on market. Our internal guidelines largely follows these authorities’ recommendations but we have added processes and guidelines connected to incoming hardware and interaction with customers.

The leadership team and the board are in constant contact to evaluate situation and our actions.

At this time, the preemptive precautions taken by mcare will not affect the offered services. However, the situation may change rapidly if the staff is quarantined or there are problems with the arrival of spare parts. mcare makes every effort to minimize the impact on customers and to report any potential delays. So far there has been no disruption in the supply of spare parts. mcare is actively monitoring the situation and informing its partners of any delays.

Operational changes already implemented:

  • In all meetings, mcare prefers remote access and does not accept visitors to its facilities for the time being. In doing so, mcare strives to minimize the risks of contamination to mcare’s employees and/or customers.
  • We have set up a disincentive station in our central repair locations.
  • New guidelines to unpack devices. Gloves are to be used.
  • New guidelines on how to clean products before removing gloves to perform the repair.
  • Stock of hand sanitizer, IPA (to clean products), gloves etc. secured.
  • Extra caution and changed guidelines for sick leave implemented. We have a zero tolerance for sickness in our facilities.
  • Face to face staff is recommended to keep a distance (one meter) between them and customer, we are also recommending to wear gloves.

Our contingency plan for worst case scenario is detailed and aims entails actions on all necessary measures to keep the business ongoing.

For any and all questions regarding this please do not hesitate to ask your contact person within our organization.